Bellatrix Beauty (@bellatrix_beauty)

May 2019

#REPOST This video is SO helpful! Great representation of the Lash Artists perspective. I know it can be hard to stay still during your appointment but your lashes will look better, be fuller, and it will cut down on application time 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . Hey all! This video is super helpful for clients to see what we see while we’re working! Lashing is a super delicate process, and takes a very steady hand to properly isolate each individual eyelash, and place the extension smoothly and accurately. As much as I love being able to chat with my lovely clients, it’s sometimes very difficult to work efficiently when there’s too much movement happening. If you need to readjust, have an itch, or anything else- just give me a heads up so I can pause for you! I hope this is helpful and I hope everyone has a great Thursday!❤️


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