Reiki Master & dōTERRA oils (@thewellnesslifestyle.oils)

Jun 2018

I am SO grateful for these amazing tools 🙋🏻‍♀️ . I was visiting family last weekend and as much as I love them I felt a lot of negative energy in the interactions. As much as I protected my energy I came home not feeling quite myself energetically. First thing was a Himalayan salt bath and oils. The Himalayan salt draws out negative energy and neutralizes your energy field. I was out of my lemongrass, which I lean toward to remove any toxic and negative energy, so I diffused purify which has: . 🌱melaleuca-to remove energetic hooks 🌱Siberian fir-addresses generational healing 🌱Cilantro-detoxes negative emotions & assists in shedding what is not in harmony with your true self 🌱Lime-revitalizes the heart space . The second thing I did was a bit of self reiki. I can't tell you how supported I feel emotionally to have both my oils and reiki to lean toward when I need to address emotional and energetic ickyness.