Dalia (Smith) Hendrix |MA|LGPC (@iamdaliasmith)

2 weeks ago

I've been there. More times than I would like to admit. In my 20s, I was chasing guys that were so wrong for me. Trying to get a guy I was with to see I was worth. Guys who didn’t treat me the way I deserved, guys who made me feel like I wasn’t “enough,” guys who made me question my worth. I felt discouraged, and unworthy. After the dissolution of my last relationship, I decided that I had enough. No more bad dates. No more playing games. No more letting anyone validate my worth. I. WAS. DONE. I got really clear on what I wanted in all my relationships and said good bye to the BS I was putting up with. It took me hitting rock bottom for my heart to gradually accept what my mind long knew- I'm deserving and worthy of everything I desire and I will never have to chase a man that wants to be with me. The moment I shifted my beliefs about my self-worth, my husband scooped me up. Because of this, I strive to show the world that "this is possible” for everyone. It truly is. You can experience love like this-but it all starts with you 😘❤️💯