Elizabeth Martin Rios Blanco (@lizmrb87)

6 days ago

Reposted from @zizai_orangebrush Eps 90 of sweetlove comics Devil‘s love! “Devil and little angel” Series MY entire world is sweet with you ❤️❤️ Tag someone ! ❤️ABOUT TRANSLATION AND REPOST❤️ 2 months ago, I received messages from fans, telling me that someone had stolen my work on Instagram. With the help of my fans, I was able to solve this issue, and protect my rights to my own works, I fully understand that many of you love and enjoy my work, and wish to translate and repost them to share them to a greater audience, and I don't mind accounts doing so. However, as the author, I hold the RIGHTS to the distribution and use of MY comic. Hence, I will really appreciate it if fellow fans can comply to what I am about to say. YOU CAN DO IT 1 ) Only use my posted English translations to translate my comic to other languages. 2 ) Keep my watermarks @zizai_orangebrush on while reposting. 3 )Credit me in your posts and add my hashtag #zizai_orangebrush . YOU CAN NOT DO IT 1 )Do not translate my comic from my Chinese website or from any other accounts! PLEASE Only translate from my insta account. 2 ) Do not remove my watermark! There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Credit me and add my hashtag #zizai_orangebrush . 3 ) I will not allow anyone to translate my comic ahead of me. Translating future comics from my Chinese website IS FORBIDDEN! As a writer, I have the right to post first. 4 )Please do NOT make my comics into an amine,I have my own YOUTUBE channel to do it now. 5)don't sell products with my comics Thanks for the messages from my fans,I reported several accounts who are infringing yet. And It is welcome to translate my comics to any language if you follow my rules.If not, I will resort to taking legal action to protect my copyright. I am working hard every day to bring everyone more comics! Thank you for all your support! #devillove #zizai_orangebrush #comics #恶魔的爱 #love #只有橘色画笔的自在 #kiss #angel #chibi #iloveyou #devilslove #lovequote #sweetcouple #funnycomics #littleangel #lovingyou #couples #boy #girl #cute #kawaii #romantic #kisses #funny #kiss #boyfriend #girlfriend #manhua #manga #luck #world