Kristie Lynn (@kristielynn4)

6 days ago

I have a couple annoying appreciation posts to make right now, because I'm so wholly taken aback with love. @_meleanor_ spent all day and night helping me pack my life out of boxes and into my new place before the day was done. She organized my clothes in the closet by height and color and put a big smile on my face all day. She came armed with a bottle of wine with taglines written on the back about freedom, fresh flowers, bath salts, and a new candle. We sat on my floor after the long day, (because I don't have a couch yet ) drinking the wine from mugs (because I didn't have wine glasses yet ). Since @hollalindz moved out to SF a couple years ago we haven't grown distant at all and she still knows wayyy too much about me--so of course she heard about my wine mugs. Today I was sick, shattered my phone screen while trying to jump to the right slot to pick up other mail packages (I almost needed to call for help I was having such a hard time reaching even in heels ). Exasperated, I get up to my apartment and open this box of wine glasses with this sweet note. 😭😭😭 I am so stinkin blessed by my people. I love you! ♥️ #friends #move #home #thanks #love