Danielle Keir (@daniellekeir_)

2 weeks ago

As of 2 days ago, after 14 months, Maggie and I are officially finished breastfeeding. What a bittersweet moment. 💔🥳 . The most challenging part of newborn life for me was breastfeeding. It’s a natural thing and so I think I just assumed that meant it would be easy, but I quickly learned how all consuming it is. I wasn’t ready or prepared for the demand of it and I’m proud of myself for pushing through those first few months especially and reaching my goal of a year and beyond. 👏🏼 I don’t pat myself on the back very often so just let me have this. 🤣 . It was both the thing that drove me completely insane (clogged ducts, waking up to pump and feed, sore boobs, pumping at work, bringing my pump everywhere, leaking!?!, the haunting sound of the pump machine, hormones that made me ill ) and saved my sanity when nursing maggie was the only thing that calmed her down some nights and soothed her to sleep. . I will hold all of the extra snuggles we had and milk drunk smiles I witnessed close to my heart forever. 🤍 . And now that we’ve reached our finish line, this calls for celebration. It’s time to burn all of my nursing bras and smash my pump to pieces. 🔥🔨 . Maybe. Probably not. But it really would be satisfying. . #breastfeeding #bittersweet #momsofinstagram #realtalk