•Jara Buczynski• (@jarabuczynski)

2 weeks ago

After the diagnosis. . . So I went back to the Hotel in Vienna, after my Hospital visit. As you can see, my eyes are swollen from all the crying. Yet here I was with one of my favourite Colleagues from Flashdance, smiling. Alex was (and still is ) the Associate Director of Flashdance. We had so much fun rehearsing for everything, that I was allowed to play in this Tour. He was the one who called me, when I got the Alex Owens Cover. He helped me, getting ready for this amazing part, in less than 4 days. I sometimes am a female version of him and he sometimes is the male version of me. (Though genders sometimes blended here 😅 ) He carried me away from the bridge, where I had my accident and he made me laugh so much even though I just wanted to cry after the diagnosis. I LOVED working with you, and I hope so much, we will work together again. Thank you for everything. I will miss you. A lot. . . . #accident #diagnosis #kneeinjury #crutches #krücken #hospital #krankenhaus #missyou #associatedirector #bittersweet #tearsinmyeyes #kollegenliebe