Nat • Wellness+Self Love (@plentyandwellwithnat)

2 days ago

Anxiety’s weird. Some days it feels like the stereotypical tight chest and trouble breathing and crying. But other days it feels like irritableness and self consciousness. Other days it feels like not wanting to do the things I love and avoiding friends and commitments and waking up with a racing heart and a feeling of dread for the day ahead. Some days it feels like a little black hole has been punctured into my heart and it’s hard to remember that I was once so happy I cried and that one day I will be that happy again. Some days it’s hard to remember the accomplishments and progress and rationalize with myself because the anxiety takes control of everything - my heart, my mind, my emotions. Anxiety tried to tell me lies like “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never be good enough” and “your life will never be as good as you want it to be” and “your dreams are unattainable” and “true happiness is out of reach.” Anxiety has a way of turning a really really good life into a life full of fear and sadness and heightened emotions and sensitivity and anger. Lately anxiety has been telling me that I’m difficult. That I’m not good enough or successful enough or hard working enough. That life is crumbling around me and there’s no way to build up the walls again. That I’m stuck in this present reality with no ability to grow or change or alter my path as I want. ⁣ ⁣ But I hold onto the one truth I know to be true - I’ve survived every anxious season of my life before and I will survive it again this time. Because anxiety is a liar and I know that to be true. So to anyone else feeling the tiny black hole in their heart or the feeling of dread each morning or the lack of zest for life or the fear or sadness or anger - you’re not alone. ever. 💕 Xx