1 weeks ago

On my latest episode of CYLINDER RADIO, and I discuss identity with @zubymusic , A true Renaissance man as he is a hip-hop artist, political commentator, fitness coach, author, and successful podcast host . Being a truly world-traveled man that holds many “unique identities” (as we all do ), He has been able to see the American views of identity/ identity politics from a very macro/zoomed out perspective . Zuby is a very brilliant & talented gentleman and I think his views are seldom given the platform that they deserve – particularly left of center or educationally, so I am very glad I was able to talk to him. . Topics discussed include intersectionality, media, hip hop, and how to discover the best ideas to live by. I hope you enjoy it! . #zuby #jre #identity #identitypolitics #intellectualdarkweb #newpodcast #podcast #realtalk #realtalkwithzuby #culturewars #wokeness #educationalpodcast #hiphopculture #podcasting