Kilee Nickels | Nickel & Suede (@onelittlemomma)

6 days ago

The most realistic photo I can share of my week you guys. Soren took this last night and while isn’t not my usual insta pic, it actually is worth sharing. This about captures how I feel after the hardest week I’ve ever faced as a business owner added on top of homeschooling and the current climate. I’ve had to make so many tough decisions with Soren this week and had the rug pulled out from under me what felt like so many times- the whiplash was exhausting. But I still wanted to remain strong and push ahead for everyone who depends on me. There’s not a lot of cookie baking and definitely no Tik Tok making happening at our house this week. Just trying and working hard and praying hard and being together as a fam. Wanted to share some solidarity if your week has been anything like mine- and if not that’s great too. We’re all in this together no matter what we are up against. I’m so thankful for our teachers who are sending home schoolwork, our medical workers out in the field, police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, and trash collectors - so many people to appreciate and reasons for different difficult circumstances right now. We got this. We also need sleep. Now I’m ready for bed and an early start tomorrow. 👊🏼 #realtalk #differences #solidarity #alonetogether #smallbusinessowner #nickelandsuede