alisa | nashvillebookgirl (@nashvillebookgirl)

2 days ago

We need to #realtalk , friends. Times are rough. By now I hope we all realized we are in this together (but alone together ) and we might stay in this state of isolation for a little while. That said: we all don't know what we are doing. There is no 'right' way to self-quarantine. We have never had anything like this happen before so you, your neighbor, your friends - no one knows how to quarantine 'right.' When you see people working out like crazy or cooking these amazing meals and think 'wow, I need to shape up and start doing something like that' - please stop. People deal with stress differently and some ways don't make other ways 'wrong.' Do what makes you feel a little bit relaxed regardless of what it is. Right now more than ever - please listen to yourself and what you NEED. This brought to you by my heightened anxiety due to people reading tons of books while quarantining. Did I think I will be doing the same? Yes. Am I reading a ton? No. Why? Cause this is not what my body and mind need right now. I found that snuggling my dogs, reading a magazine, and wearing cozy socks is what works. And by 'works' I mean makes me feel just a little bit better. Please please please remember: we all do not know what we are doing and just trying to survive. To make today even brighter, drop a positive message below. Maybe someone will read it and smile 🙂 . . . . . . . #quarantinethoughts #benicetoeachother #bookwormlife #dowhatyoucant