Reiki Master & dōTERRA oils (@thewellnesslifestyle.oils)

May 2018

FEELING YOUR EMOTIONS: Today I’ve had a lot of up and down emotions. I’ve made it a priority to actually FEEL my emotions these days. I never realized how much I DIDN’T let myself feel or experience my emotions until it became part of my reiki master program to focus on it. I’d feel a tinge if sadness then stuff it away “to deal with later” or not at all trapping all those emotions in my body. . Today I’ve cried 3 times. Yep that’s right and it honestly feels good each and every time to feel the emotions, be present with myself and then let it pass. Who else here was taught to “keep a poised” face or worse yet was discouraged from crying and feeling their emotions? So many of us are and sadly that’s where people really get their energetic body stuck because they’re stuffing everything down and away afraid to feel sadness, pain, guilt, shame whatever it is for you. . Journaling ideas for you tonight: What have I been avoiding because I’m afraid to feel the emotions of it? What emotions need to be expressed and released from my body? . If you have or use essential oils these are my 4 favorite oils to support my emotions: 🌱Cheer 🌱Balance 🌱Peace 🌱Console . If you’re curious about oils or reiki I’m more than happy to chat with you! Send me a message ❤️❤️ . Photo | @doterra