Hope TV Ghana (@hopetvgh)

2 weeks ago

Dear Real Talk, I am a married woman living in Ghana, but my husband has travelled abroad for the past 16 years. He has only been back home once and that was even 8 years ago. Meaning he spent 8 years there before coming home and has been gone for another 8 years Can you imagine my husband spent only one month with me and left again? He hasn’t been back since! Anytime l ask of his coming back it results in a quarrel between us on phone, which leads to him ignoring me for sometime. Evie, my problem is, l am so lonely that I am becoming addicted to porn and masturbation. l have been praying about this attack but it keeps getting worse. l don’t like what l am doing because I know it’s a sin. l badly need your help both in prayers and advice, I am very sad and l don't know what to do. l always watch your program, please help me out! #realtalk