Mission: Commit (@mission_commit)

2 weeks ago

➡️ Swipe to see what it looks like to follow my nutrition program ➡️ I follow the 2B Mindset nutrition plan created by @ilanamuhlsteinrd . I love it because it’s easy to follow and I am in control of the foods I eat. By tracking everything I eat and drink, I can tell what does and does not contribute to my weight loss. I like this plan because it isn’t so strict about weighing and measuring food. 🍋Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🍋 It helps me focus on eating more healthy foods, and overcoming some bad habits that were setting me WAY back. Yikes! 🙈 I consider myself a volume eater, and with this plan I can eat A LOT of food and still lose weight! Of course, it has to be the right food – like all the veggies I want! 🥦 Oh, did I mention snacks?! I didn’t picture them here, but on this day I had frozen grapes 🍇 and a Beachbar. My secret weapon is my morning superfood smoothie! Using Shakeology and all the other ingredients you see pictured, I stay full until lunch. It is power packed with all the vitamins I need in a day. Plus, it has been a game changer for my digestive system (tmi? 🤣 ). Comment below if you want to learn more about 2B Mindset or another one of our nutrition plans! We have something for everyone . . . . . #2bmindset #2bmindsetresults #healthyeating #nutrition #volumeeater #balancedlife #wellbeing #wellnessjourney #realtalk #reallife #accountability #shakeology #shakeologyresults #whatieatinaday