Sarah Elizabeth Andrus (@sarah.elizabeth.andrus)

4 days ago

Thanks for stopping by…my desire is to share little squares on this social media world that feel similar to stopping to smell the flowers. A fragrant, colorful aroma. We expose ourselves to a great deal on these little boxes- filling our minds with political, religious, cultural, emotional, physical and spiritual ideas. And hilarious memes. It can be really inspiring, uplifting, engaging, and empowering and it can be as equally discouraging and draining. I get it. The polarization feels stronger and stronger, and yet, when I remember that I’m in charge of me and what I put out into the world, I feel at peace. 👏🏻Hats off to those of you who are inspiring and uplifting. I see you, and I’m grateful for you. A nod to those of you who are speaking life and truth in loving ways. Applause for those of you who are practicing radical self-love, acceptance and compassion- it shows, as you are able to more vastly extend love, acceptance and compassion to others.👏🏻 🙏🏻A blessing I’d like to extend to each of you…. ✨May we lean into the vastness of Divine Love and Light that connects us all. ✨May we see our likenesses more than our differences. ✨May we accept, embrace, and celebrate our differences. ✨May we extend empathy and grace in ocean-load-full-buckets to ourselves and others. ✨May we be more concerned about each other’s well-being than aligning beliefs or thoughts. ✨May we find beauty in each day, and each person we encounter. ✨May we remember we belong to one another. ✨ I love you. Please share with someone you love. 💐That is all for now. 💐 #stopandsmelltheflowers #inspiration #encouragement #webelongtogether #youbelong #morealikethandifferent #peace #innerpeace #beautyallaround #empowering #realtalk 📷: @lilbeleza thank you friend!