The Boutique by CCPCL (@theboutique.cicipagan)

6 days ago

The Inspire earrings are made of pure copper and hand painted. Non toxic and lead free. Handmade in India. They have been lacquered for increased water resistance but I’m finding the coating is more prominent on the outside. This is actually a good thing because the benefits of wearing copper are pretty well documented in the Western and Alternative medicine fields. The same way we can get iron from using cast iron, and the same way toxic metals can seep into the skin, is the same concept that wearing copper regularly benefits the the body. ** ** I’m not a doctor and these lightweight copper accessories are so cute just for fashion but take a look into the benefits of copper if you find the subject interesting! ** ** The earrings by Anju also have matching cuff bracelets and adjustable rings! . . #jewelry #copperjewelry #copperbenefits #bohochic #fairtrade #handmade #indianartists #creativeuncommonfun #artisanal #artistsoninstagram