Mike Voorhees - CPT, FNS, 📘 (@coachmikevoorhees)

2 weeks ago

Life is too short to take it seriously. I’ve always taken the approach with my hearing that yes, I deserve equal opportunity and equal rights, and I will speak on that. But we can also joke around with it. . We can have fun with our disabilities and what we are born with. What kind of life is one spent dwelling and spent in negativity? . Rule of thumb. If you know me personally, and the context calls for it, we can joke around with it. BUT if you’re speaking behind my back (or anyone else’s ), you don’t know me personally, or if it’s out of context, you have no say in my disability. . At the end of the day, I’ve made it this far in life being hard of hearing. Nobody else can speak on what struggles I’ve gone through related to it. . Again, life is not that serious, and I’d rather spend it having fun, and being myself. Life is much more fun that way. 🤟 . . #deaf #disability #fun #equality #truth #realtalk #hardofhearing #hearingloss