Tara Sue Gally (Strauss) (@misstarasue)

2 weeks ago

In case you don’t know me, this is my “hmmm I don’t really know about that” face which is also code word for, “I think so but I’m not positive and that scares the shit out of me” 😳 or “my empowering beliefs are saying yes but my limiting beliefs are in the way”. I think they also call it “Felt Cute might delete later” 😂 but I’m too old too know anything about that 😂. I’m notorious for coaching others to be their best self while allowing my own self doubt to be an obstacle between myself and my dreams. It’s chronic but not fatal 😆... yet. What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if I can’t? and ominous music... 💀 🌍 Real Talk: March grabbed the floor I had come to rely on, ripped it out from under me, shattered it into a million pieces, blasted the million pieces into my face causing zero visibility, knocked me on my ass, only to stand up and knock me down again and again and again... Goodbye team. Goodbye Job. Goodbye Routine. Goodbye stability. So what now? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Get back in bed and stay there until I die? HELL NO. 😜 I get up and I give it everything I got, and each time I fall, I get up again, rinse and repeat.... I’ve done that my entire life, but this time is different. ❤️ Not all bad stuff came my way during this otherwise shitty time of our lives... I’ve taken the time to find gratitude for all that are my blessings. Some days I vibrate so high that it literally drains me for days to come and some days I feel like I can’t vibrate at all and then my husband, family and team show me my reflection, increase the light they share with me and get me back where I need to be. ❤️ Lots of light has been shared with me in the past 6 months by way of some amazing people and opportunities. Maybe you need some of that light in your life? Drop a 🌞 in the comments or shoot me a message. I’d love to connect. Today my limiting beliefs are taking a backseat. I’m fired up and ready to make things happen. Nothing is guaranteed Anything worth having takes work Our tribe definitely impacts our vibe And lastly... the stuff that scares the shit out of us is likely exactly what we need to tackle. ❤️