Chronic Youth Australia (@chronicyouthaustralia)

2 weeks ago

THE DAY LIFE IS FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN No one can ever prepare you for the day you become sick or disabled. In an instant your whole world is flipped upside down, your sense of normal and self changed completely. Your left scrambling trying to understand and adap There is no right way to deal with it, it’s ok to be upset, angry and frightened. Allow yourself to grieve the health abled bodied version of you. t to this whole new world, new future and new self. At first it may feel impossible,that you will never be able to cope with it. But I promise in time you will adapt, you will find your new normal and this new world will become a little less scary. I know this from my own experience, where I’ve had my world turned upside down more times than I can count. But mostly from seeing friends and family’s journeys, I’ve watched them grow stronger and more resilient overtime. It will happen for you to ❤️✨