Ally (@miss_dono_fun)

2 weeks ago

There is a sad story behind this, with a happy ending... I honestly can't say that I ever had a favourite teacher at primary school and I only had one teacher I felt cared about me at comp. No one ever saw anything in me, never showed they believed in me. I remember a lot of negativity. Being told I should work harder. Pull my socks up. I didn't enjoy school and as a result, I wasn't good at it. I muddled my way through GCSEs and A-level, did an art diploma to fill the year I'd deferred for my uni placement. And eventually, took on the BA(ed ). I became a teacher because I didn't know what else I wanted to do. That's the truth. Typically, I winged my way through uni. I had a blast at the union and did bare minimal to miraculously achieve my degree. I graduated and found myself doing supply that lead me to receive job offers through word of mouth. This is my proudest moment...once I started teaching, I seemed to be good at it. People recommend me to other schools! This was hard to get used to... I find myself, 20 years later, having found my purpose. There are lots of things I could have been but I am, this. I am a teacher. Despite not having a role model, or someone I asspired to emulate some day, despite being told I'd never amount to anything by the people who were supposed to help me find my light and point it in the direction of success. My success is down to my parents (mother mainly ) and my piano teacher, the only people who encouraged me and the reason I am able to speak to you now, with 20 years of teaching experience behind me. Sadly, teachers played no part. But I am a better teacher for that exact reason. I have a great deal of views surrounding our profession. I'll share them all in time. But for now...I work everyday to be the teacher that makes a difference, the teacher that keeps it real, the teacher that supports her colleagues, the teacher that finds that light in every child and will not stop, until they know how amazing they are, the teacher I wish I'd had. The teacher you remember! #teacherofinstagram #realtalk #teachertalk #realteacher #instaeducation #keepgoing #keepingitsimple #theteacheryouremember #inspiration #bethebest