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2 weeks ago

/ read the caption / . Everything was going well , till i found you in the jingle bell, (a music concert ) your vibes is what attracts me the most, your eyes & the background music made me feel lost the midnight & i came back to my castle again , can't sleep , cause your vibes were still running In my brain In the morning i found something missing around me , looked out from the window , found a bird sitting on the branch of tree Feels like we both were Same, there's something which makes us insane We both have everything ; but still we're Lost, then i realised love is what we can't compare with the cost I've my own castle , i've my food, i've my money in the treasury of loot I've everything with the god's blessings , but still there's something i found missing Soo is that you ? Who's driving me crazy, i didn't sleep for the last night , now i am feeling lazy now thousands of my peoples are in search for you, if i got you , it'll be like my dream come true Am alone in castle , please come fast, this feeling is for the first time & i promise it will be my last Soon you'll be my princess & i'll be Your prince , now that bird is no more sitting on the tree ; he's flying , he understood how to open his wings . @the_mlonerics . . . 📸 Pinterest . . . #quote #quotes #comment #comments #TFLers #tweegram #quoteoftheday #song #funny #life #instagood #love #photooftheday #igers #instagramhub #tbt #instadaily #true #instamood #nofilter #word #the_mlonerics