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Feb 2020

Hulk mode activated on the hack squat today 😱😱😱 - Now, I don’t think I can keep progressing this machine way in which I am atm....and you’ve got to play it smart and not keep utterly smashing yourself into oblivion 🤯 warming up didn’t feel mega great but wanted to give 300 a try right from the moment I set off to the gym👊🏻 I’ve done this set before but with much more hands on controlling the negative. And today just went with a cover as I said I would for the time being to see if I could get any clean reps. 4 clean with zero touch from my good man @musclehobbitgym who I trust implicitly from his spotting 👍🏻 Will just see how things go next time it comes around and if it needs to be backed off a little I will, and hit more reps with 260/270/280 📝 - Wanted to make sure my heels didn’t come off the foot plate with the belt squat as I noticed they have the last couple of times. So took the shoes off and made sure I moved up on the machine to keep contact and worked well 👍🏻 one thing I will say though is the belt really does dig into the thighs and is mega painful with any load on like this 😫😫 so much so it can put you off your set 🤣 - Was just so so fried by the time I hit the RDL, which I love as a movement....but was finding it hard to just stand up myself so bombed both heavy attempts and then just did what I could. Wasn’t overly angry as this is the backlash from super loading the first move sometimes 😬 - I always can find an extra gear for most this but especially when doing particular movements which suit, and the hack is one of those ✅ been a work in progress for some months to get the depth/tempo and control but I’m happy with the set up now 📝🎯 constantly analysing = improvements 🤓😎 - #hacksquats #fitness #gym #powerlifting #rdl #bodybuilding #strongman #fit #motivation #legday #squats #strongmanmotivation #strength #training #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #powerbuilder #powerbuilding #gymlife #weightlifting #muscle #gains #powerlifter #strongman #gymmotivation #instafit #power #fitspo #legtraining #bhfyp