Rachel Allene (@rachel_allene)

2 weeks ago

How much is too much to spend on flowers at the farmers market?! Asking for a friend 😅😅 but actually... . . . As I sit down to just be for the first time today (it’s 8pm ) and holding my little rainbow baby while drinking lactation tea, I’m thinking a lot about growth and how these flowers don’t bloom all year round. They are blooming for only a season. In the spring, we adore peonies, right now I’m loving lisianthus and dahlias, in the Fall it will be something different. And what a beautiful metaphor for life. I certainly don’t feel like I’m blooming right now. I’m growing deeper roots, forming a stronger foundation. Learning that my worth and value isn’t tied to my “blooming”—that even if I produce no blooms right now, I’m still worthy. I’m still valued. This year feels like a year to maybe be dormant or just stay where I am and grow deeper roots. It feels like a year where I am learning what it means to wait and be at peace and rest. It feels like a season of tending to what is in front of me and for once, not chasing after ”more”. It feels like a season of looking inward and being willing to adjust my thoughts and behavior. What I find comfort in knowing is that flowers don’t bloom all year round and neither do I. There’s inner and unseen growth that happens to make way for the beautiful blooms. May we all find peace in knowing that we don’t always need to be in full bloom and we are still worthy, loved, and beautiful 💛