Be strong and be brave (@defyingmentalhealthstigma)

2 days ago

Three years ago I was told by a psychiatrists that I would live in psychiatric hospitals for the rest of my life. At the time I was in the emergency room for suicide attempts and self harm every week and stayed in long term for mental health multiple times. I have not stepped foot into a psychiatric hospital in a year and two months. At the time though I believed what she told me because at the time I had no intentions on getting better or living at all. I was mentally sick and I thought I was beyond repair. I never thought that I would make it to this day. I never thought I would be strong enough to recover from abuse, violence, rape, loss and so much more that had torn me apart so bad. And I never in my lifetime though I would decide I had no reason left to stay at age 11. But yet today I sit here with a college certification in human services, close to having my degree in social science, having a mental health support account, living on my own, volunteering in hospitals, helping others and having things to live for. In a way I feel like I needed to hear her tell me that I wouldn’t make it in the real world because if she hadn’t I would not have tried to prove her wrong. Today I look back on my worse moments and I think...damn am I happy I made it through that because it has made me who I am today. Without that I wouldn’t be here telling all of you that life is worth it and recovery is possible and you have to believe me. This is coming from someone who spent a total of two years in a psychiatric hospital because I decided that I wasn’t going to live and here I am today with a purpose and a reason to live telling you to keep fighting 💛