3 days ago

Presenting: #lowcarb #sugarfree #keto ‘fruit’cake! No raisins or cherries this time around, but cranberries! This is using my mom’s traditional recipe which I amended here and there to make it #ketocompliant . Obviously, that means using #almondflour and #swerve . As Sarawak’s steamed cakes require condensed milk (which isn’t keto ), I, therefore, had to make my own from scratch. And did I mention that this is #steamed and NOT baked? Steaming cakes means the moisture is retained and they don’t end up crumbly. You can see that from the second photo onwards. As this is made using an 8’ loaf pan, steaming time was ~ 3 hours. I have a bit of a family do later and will serve this as one of the munchies. I can’t wait to experiment with another steamed cake recipe: the one named Modern Art. For that, I have to make my own #kayajam , so need to find the time first. 😅 #ketobrunei #bruneiketo